Welcome to the NEW DriversEye!

For those that were a part of DriversEye in 2019 – as viewers or as streamers – welcome back! Things look a little different and it’s all part of our efforts to make more racing available to more people.

First as Endurance Radio and now as DriversEye Live, LLC, our team has long been committed to the promotion of motorsports at all levels. In particular, our work has helped us bring new races to tens of thousands of people around the world. We were first to broadcast from the 25 Hours of Thunderhill, the inaugural SimCraft 24 Hours of Orlando, and the first to live stream from WRL and AER races.

But DriversEye in 2020 is about much more than just broadcasting races – it’s about making motorsports easier to find, follow, and talk about. Our Grid Walk feature provides streaming schedules every weekend from every motorsport discipline imaginable. We’re in development of a regular podcast to go alongside opinion pieces about motorsport at all sorts of levels. And finally, our team will be providing written content throughout the year on – well – whatever we think is worth talking about.

Our streaming platform is still here, too. It allows us to provide our exclusive on-site broadcasts, but more importantly allows racers around the world to share their passion. Access might look a little different but the process will be the same – register, get your credentials, and live stream for free.

Equally, we want to help you promote your own stream. Even if you’re not streaming using our free platform, send us a link to your YouTube broadcast so we can help provide that unique perspective on grassroots racing.

Keep checking back through the 2020 racing season. We think our Grid Walk series is more than worth your time, and you’ll almost certainly find something new when you do come back. Follow us on social media as well not only for content updates, but peeks behind the curtain during our broadcast weekends as well. Thanks for being a part of DriversEye Live in 2020!

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