While having your event listed and available for streaming is a great step in drawing people to your business, it still places your organization as one among many. A partnership with DriversEye Live is the ideal way to set your organization apart and bring people to your on-track product without actually being there.

Our platform is designed to create a consumable broadcast environment for your events. A dedicated subdomain on (ex. includes everything your viewers need to follow your events:

  • Embedded broadcast player
  • Individual stream list
  • Series chat room
  • Embedded social media feeds
  • Sponsorship Promotion

Additionally, the main site will update with the following promotions:

  • Events Featured on Home Page slider
  • Dedicated Event Categories
  • (Featured) tag on Events Menu
  • Series Sponsorship areas on event pages
  • “Partner” Listing on main page sidebar
  • Link to your dedicated subdomain

If you think your series and your partners can benefit from the additional exposure and promotion, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a partnership quote.