Other Services

While our primary service is of course free live streaming for motorsports enthusiasts, we’re members of the greater motorsports community with an interest in furthering the sport we’re all so passionate about. We believe we have services for you or your organization that can help.

Promotion and Partnerships

While having your event listed and available for streaming is a great step in drawing people to your business, it still places your organization as one among many. A partnership with DriversEye Live is the ideal way to set your organization apart and bring people to your on-track product without actually being there.

Our platform is designed to create a consumable broadcast environment for your events. A dedicated subdomain on DriversEye.live (ex. https://organization.driverseye.live) includes everything your viewers need to follow your events:

  • Embedded broadcast player
  • Individual stream list
  • Series chat room
  • Embedded social media feeds
  • Sponsorship Promotion

Additionally, the main DriversEye.live site will update with the following promotions:

  • Events Featured on Home Page slider
  • Dedicated Event Categories
  • (Featured) tag on Events Menu
  • Series Sponsorship areas on event pages
  • “Partner” Listing on main page sidebar
  • Link to your dedicated subdomain

If you think your series and your partners can benefit from the additional exposure and promotion, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a partnership quote.


Make no mistake, if your brand is involved in motorsports, our audience are your people. We cater largely to grassroots and club racers, many of whom are in search of the next great performance or safety product. We’d be happy to advertise your brand on our website in exchange for support of our ever-growing streaming platform. It’s as easy as sending us an email!