DriversEye Plus


Put simply, DriversEye Plus is our way of offering a little extra functionality in exchange for helping us support our DriversEye Live platform. There are two key upgrades to our basic streaming and promotional services designed to directly benefit you as part of our community:

Stream Archiving

DriversEye Plus provides the ability to record and archive all of your full event live streams with totally unlimited storage. We know this is a pretty major feature request for those of you actively streaming on other programs with a multitude of uses. After each weekend, we process each recording and place it in your account’s playlist for you to access any time.

Direct Link Access

DriversEye Plus also provides a direct access to your live stream without having to visit the website or event. If you’re more interested in monitoring from the pitlane to minimize resources, our direct HLS streaming link is the answer. Because you own your streamed content, there’s no limit on what you can do – embed in a personal TV or tablet app, open directly in a media player, or archive the feed directly on your computer or device. 

DriversEye Plus Direct Link


We appreciate that racing isn’t cheap and we’re committed to keeping costs down. With that said, we’re also extremely passionate about the community and developing DriversEye Live into a more universal platform. We offer a month-to-month option if your racing season is short, or an annual option that covers all of your needs for the entire season. Your support of our long-term development is much appreciated. 

Please allow 48 hours after purchase for your Streaming Page to update with an archive section and for your direct link to appear here or on your Streaming Credentials page. 

Monthly Subscription: $25.00 / month

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(SAVE 33%!) Annual Subscription: $200.00 / year

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